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An Email Typo Just Made This Guy a Bunch of New FriendsFolks in the Grand Canyon State sure get a lot of surprise invitations. Two years after an Arizona grandmother mistakenly invited the wrong "grandson" to Thanksgiving, a Phoenix man named Will Novak received an invite meant for a different Will Novak to a ski weekend bachelor party in Vermont—and...
Newser15 hours ago
Souper Jenny owner shares her soup with those in need
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution1 day ago
Mayor's Odd Request to Entire City: ShhhhStradivarius instruments—violins, violas, and cellos made in the 17th and 18th centuries by Antonio Stradivari of Cremona, Italy—are known for their unmatched tones. It's for this reason that the instruments are passed down and painstakingly restored over generations. Even so, their tones begin to change as the instruments...
Newser1 day ago
He Was Delivering a Package. Then He Heard a Dog 'Going Crazy'UPS doesn't use its "what can brown do for you" slogan anymore, but that didn't stop a Montana driver from answering that call with a heartwarming (but body-freezing) rescue. Ryan Arens tells the Great Falls Tribune that he was delivering packages around the holidays when he heard what sounded like...
Newser1 day ago
Quinn on Nutrition: Most of the time habits
The Monterey County Herald1 day ago
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